Detox Denim

We are different from those in the fast fashion industry. Very different. We don’t use genetic engineering, chemicals or heavy metals. That’s poison. For the environment. And for you. That’s why we are different. No poison. But more style. We make: divine jeans for our planet. #detoxdenim



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Pesticide-free cotton

Monocultures, deforestation, and pesticides are the norm in cotton growing. And cause severe bee mortality as well as many substances in your jeans that you rather not have in it. That’s why we only use organic cotton.

It feels nice on your skin. It’s smoother. It lasts longer and keeps its shape. And, most importantly, it is free of contaminants, poison and other nasty things that no one likes to have on their skin.

That’s better for the bees, for our environment, and for your skin!

0 % pesticides. 100 % good for our planet. 100 % good for you!

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Dyeing without heavy metals

Lead, arsenic, and mercury. Chromium or cadmium. Heavy metals are used for the dyeing process of jeans. We don’t like that. And that’s why we abstain from heavy metals completely.

After all, heavy metals are responsible for a number of life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and damage to the central nervous system. Cell mutations and even infertility can also be caused by them.

Actually, we want to wear our clothing proudly. We want our clothes to make us feel pretty and elegant. Sometimes they just need to be functional. But we don’t want to get sick while wearing them. That’s why we use indigo blue with the safest certificate (the Gold Level Material Health Certificate) in our dyeing process.

0 % heavy metals. 100 % good for our planet. 100 % good for you!

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Lasers instead of bleach

Up to 2 kg chlorine is used in the bleaching process of regularly produced jeans. Chlorine is bad for all of us. After all, it can cause allergic reactions. Is the trendy used-look of our jeans really worth it?

After all, chemical residues often remain in the clothing fibers which then rub against our skin. And very likely irritate it.

That’s why we work with state-of-the-art laser beams. They produce the same effect as chlorine. Just without any chemicals. The laser process even requires 62 % less energy and 67 % less water.

And still, we get the same look that we love. Zero chemicals, zero residues, and zero feelings of guilt.

0 % chlorine. 100 % good for our planet. 100 % good for you!

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