The limited Kids Collection.

For our Future.

For our Kids.

Kids don't make up a 100% of our Population,
but they do make up 100% of our Future.

Zig Ziglar

Kids collectionKids collection

The Story

Why do we fight for social, eco and fair fashion every day?
Because we believe in a better world for our children.

Would it not be consistent to develop a collection for children as well?
That`s what we thought and implemented.

Zur Kids-KollektionKids collectionKids collectionKids collection

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Of course our kids collection is also GOTS certified and true to the motto
"Our kids are our future". All styles are made of 100% organic cotton
and are environmentally friendly produced.

Kids collection

30 styles for boys and girls.
Every model is available in
four different sizes , for
approx. two to eight year olds.
While shopping applies
"first come, first serve",
because the numbers
per style are limited.

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The World‘s most sustainable Kids Collection.

100% Future.

kids futurekids futurekids future

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