Discover our New Arrivals for Women & Men
Discover our New Arrivals for Women & Men

The life span of an item is an important factor when it comes to sustainable clothing. We sat down with designer Johanna to ask how she makes sure that ARMEDANGELS items live up to their promise.

Hi Johanna, please introduce yourself.
My name is Johanna, I’m 32 years old and I work as a senior designer. I’m responsible for the men’s collection here at ARMEDANGELS.

How would you describe your job to somebody who doesn’t know a thing about what you do?
I would start with explaining that four times a year, we get together as a team and discuss where we want the new collection to go. After that, I go into what's maybe the most fun part of my job: Research. This means going into stores, visiting various cities and just getting an overall feeling of what’s going on out there. I collect these impressions and then develop a collection out of them.

Johanna, Designer - Interview - ARMEDANGELS Blog

Can you explain what you do for the longevity of a product when designing it?
Sure, let’s look at one of our men’s shirts for example: We use lap seams, they are stronger and tear-resistant. Then there are certain delicate spots on every piece, the little button on the collar of a button-down shirt for example. We use washers for stabilization there. The chest pockets are under stress, too, so we put extra bars on them, called bartacks. Another thing we do is to reinforce demanding areas with a lining, kind of an inlay inside the fabric.

"We want to design modern favorites that hold for longer than just one season."

How strong is the influence of current trends on our collection?
Not very strong. We rather acknowledge the general direction fashion is going instead of hopping on short-term trends. Everything else would go against our philosophy: We want to design modern favorites that hold for longer than just one season – not only because of the quality, but from a design point of view, as well.

Johanna, Designer - Interview - ARMEDANGELS Blog
Johanna, Designer - Interview - ARMEDANGELS Blog

Why do you work for ARMEDANGELS?
I find it important to be able to stand behind the brand. I worked in several other companies before and I saw a lot of things I did not like, especially when you’re visiting the production facilities. When you’re in a dyeing factory and it’s really dirty and nobody cares if the chemicals are handled correctly. And then there’s this enormous pressure when it comes to the prices. We have a different approach here at ARMEDANGELS and I really like that. We work in partnership with our suppliers. We make sure workers get fair pay. We look out that people don’t have to work with harmful chemicals. It’s a good feeling to know that all of this is taken care of.

Thank you for your time, Johanna.