As a wellness and nutrition expert, Jasmine Hemsley is a powerful force for positive global change when it comes to food, fashion and lifestyle. As an author, speaker and sustainable fashion influencer, Jasmine’s primary aim is to encourage a simpler and more mindful way of living.

As we arrive at her South London home, we’re welcomed into the kitchen as if we’d always been part of the interior. Her natural warmth is matched by the radiant colours and assortment of reclaimed trinkets and treasures that adorn her house. “All the little things I have around were once someone’s treasure that now have an extended life,” she explains joyfully. She’s keen to talk to us about sustainability and fashion.



Jasmine’s journey towards embracing a sustainable lifestyle was largely the result of working as a model, where she had begun to feel suffocated by an unending stream of consumerism. “You see so much clothing arrive and arrive and arrive. You feel that urgency to buy and we’re so disconnected from it – where is it coming from? Who made it?” Feeling uncomfortable with an endless tide of trends, she resolved to reframe her approach to the way she consumes fashion.

A forever kind of love

Now, Jasmine’s approach to style is simple. Instead of following trends, she asks herself “Do I love it?”. “I’ll buy it whatever the price (within a reasonable range), as long as I love it and I’ll wear it again loads.” Taking an item home and seeing how it fits in with the rest of her wardrobe is important to make sure it gets worn. “I’m not afraid to return things and I think that’s really important. Trying something on at home with your own clothes is a real indicator about whether you’ll wear it again.”

Curating a sustainable wardrobe

When it comes to embracing sustainable fashion, Jasmine’s keen to stress that it’s not an all-or-nothing approach. “If you go too quickly – without knowledge – and strip everything out of your life, all you’re doing is starting a new project and it becomes a fad or a trend.” Instead, she advocates taking it slowly, “It’s more sustainable to keep hold of that wardrobe, or to make sure that wardrobe has a life somewhere else – whether you gift it, sell it or trade it.”

Jasmine shares with us her top tips for curating a sustainable wardrobe from scratch:


1.Definitely don’t buy an item simply because it’s eco. It has to work as well.

2.If your goal is to curate a capsule wardrobe, turn the hanger to face the other direction when you’ve worn or washed an item so you can easily see what you wear regularly.

3.Introduce a clothing filtration system. Take unworn items and put them somewhere out of sight. Revisit them in 6 months. Edit the collection down. Repeat.

4.Search for independent, ethical brands on Instagram

5.Treat it like a fun project and don’t be embarrassed if your wardrobe isn’t entirely eco.


A versatile wardrobe

Transitioning from a casual daytime look to something smarter is essential. “My new favorite is definitely the ARMEDANGELS wrap dress 'Elke' over jeans and a t-shirt. You go somewhere, take off the jeans and t-shirt and you’ve got a smart dress that you can wear with flats or heels.” Versatility is key, and using that versatility to work your wardrobe is important.


Material girl

When it comes to knowing what materials are good or bad for the environment, it can be confusing. “You tend to think of cotton as a natural material is good for the environment, when in fact it’s not always the case.” Jasmine is excited about the progress of eco technology, bringing new materials to the market. “New fabrics [such as ECOVERO™] wash well and don’t crease so easily. It’s soft, feels good and is good for the environment. It’s eco technology and that’s what attracts me to it.”

Be kind

Jasmine recognises that it can be easy to get militant once you’ve started along a sustainable path. “Don’t be evangelical about it “ she warns. “You might be doing your bit for the environment, but at the same time you’ve now put off 20 people. So not only have you lost 20 friends, but you’ve put them off the idea of doing anything environmentally helpful!” On the flip side, she views social media as an important tool to encourage others to discover new information around sustainable living. “Instagram is a joy. As soon as you find one good eco account, it suggests loads more.”

“I’ve come to terms with the fact that I'm not a-capsule wardrobe person. I want to be someone different everyday.”


Routines & rituals

With a schedule that would send most of us into a nervous breakdown, we’re curious to find out Jasmine’s secret for maintaining a clear mind and state of wellbeing. Her advice: Daily routines.

Jasmine shares her top five simple rituals for a relaxing bedtime routine:

1.Use visualisation techniques to combat stressful thoughts. I find a lot of my stress comes from imaginary situations. Examine each worrying thought and set it straight. For instance, last night I imagined my house being tidy in the morning and waking up feeling refreshed.

2.Take an hour or so to wind down before bed, avoiding screens such as phones or ipads.

3.Use a nourishing and grounding body oil in the shower - I use an Ayurveda Vata oil - followed by some simple stretches.

4.If I’m really tired, I’ll even do some simple yoga poses in bed.

5.Keep your bed neat and organised.


Thank you for having us, Jasmine.