Bleach shocker. A defensive response to poisonous chlorine: allergies.

Nobody in their right mind would volunteer to dip their hands into a vat of chlorine bleach. It’s hard to stomach the harmful results: visible damage like chemical burns and skin irritations.

Sounds like an obvious no-no to anyone who cares about their health? Not so: Anyone who wears used-look jeans exposes themselves to these dangers. To lighten the classic denim blue or to add characteristic signs of wear, conventional producers spray their jeans with sodium hypochlorite or sodium chloride. Both are chlorine-based bleaching salts. Conventional bleaching takes up to 2 kg of chemicals per pair. After dyeing the jeans dark blue, they run through several cycles of chlorine bleaching and elaborate rinsing. Besides the sky-high energy and water use involved, this also threatens our health. Since chlorine is especially volatile, it mostly affects the respiratory tract of factory workers who tend to have little protection. Many of them suffer from respiratory issues.


If the jeans aren’t rinsed well after bleaching, their fibers will also retain chemical residues, noticeable from the sharp smell. Worn close to the skin, sweat can trigger the skin’s defenses, causing an allergic reaction to the fabric’s toxins.


“We don’t treat our denim with harmful chemicals.”


All lightening, washes, and finishes rely on state-of-the-art laser and ozone wash technologies. This allows us to use just the right amount of power, while the results are indistinguishable from conventional bleaching techniques. The benefit: 85% reduction in chemicals. And the rest meets the stringent GOTS criteria in terms of health and sustainability standards. Not to mention some other encouraging figures: the laser technique also saves a cool 62% of energy and 67% of water.


DetoxDenim means:
0% chlorine. 100% good for the environment. 100% kind to your skin.

Laser treatment, not toxic chlorine.
Pure denim on your skin.