Don’t accept the system – change it!

Why we need a revolution in fashion

We are a consumer society. It’s all about the price - nothing else matters.
Because of the immense pricing pressure on the market the working conditions in the fashion industry are getting worse every day: exploitation of labor under inhumane conditions, toxic chemicals which are harmful to health and unsafe factories without any protection for the workers.

These conditions are unacceptable and have to change! How did it get this bad?
Because we don’t question the price, but just accept the low price for inhumane working conditions.

The organization Fashion Revolution wants to change this once and for all.

What is the fashion revolution week about?

The Fashion Revolution Week is in the last week of April - a date with a tragic background:
On the 24th of April 2013, the factory building Rana-Plaza in Savar, Bangladesh (coordinates: 23.882014°(N) I 90.280787° (E)) collapsed. Around 1.130 people died, more than 2.500 workers were injured.

Through this tragic event the bad working conditions in the fashion industry became a central talking point in the media and society.

via rijans Flickr CC

The Fashion Revolution Week remembers the victims of Rana Plaza and appeals to everyone to take actions to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again. Consumers have to demand more transparency from fashion companies and politics #whomademyclothes.
You have to know about the origin and manufacturing conditions of your clothes to be able to change them. The worldwide „Who made my clothes” campaign is growing larger every year. Thousands of fashion brands already became more open and transparent.

Let’s push things forward

Every single one of us has the power to change something. Not only during this week, but every single day!
You can inform yourself about the products you buy. You can put pressure on companies by questioning shady manufacturing conditions via social media.
Look behind the scenes of the dirty fashion industry and empower others to do the same!

Represent the change

Remember 23.882014°(N) I 90.280787° (E)

We designed a special T-Shirt for the Fashion Revolution Week as a little reminder that it’s up to every one of us to make the world a better place.
The back of the T-Shirt says “remember 23.882014°(N) I 90.280787° (E)” with the coordinates of Rana Plaza to remind everyone of the catastrophe we must not forget.
The front print “It’s on us to...” is a call to make a change.

Join the revolution

Daria Daria
„It’s on us to…
understand that our actions have consequences,that what, how and where we buy matters. That each time we buy something we make someone else’s life a little better or a little worse.“

Lavinia und Kerstin (CR Manager und Sourcing + Quality Manager at ARMEDANGELS)
„It`s on us to…
not only talk, but to lay the foundation for a new set of social and ecological relations in our supply chains.“

Dandy Diary
„It`s on us to…
make fashion great again."

Justine (by Justine kept calm and went vegan)
„It`s on us to…
do what is right not what is easy.“

„It`s on us to…
speak for those who don't have a voice.“

Vera (German Representative of Fair Wear Foundation)
„It`s on us to…
to demonstrate together with FWF member brands that fair supply chains are possible.“

The T-Shirts are completely sustainable because they are made of solely organic certified fabric remnants.
Furthermore, we will donate the entire profit to the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF). This organization coordinated protest events after the catastrophe and fought for better working conditions e.g. fire protection and safety. They support factory workers to achieve higher wages, empower women to fight for more rights and seek justice for the victims of Rana Plaza.

Nothing to hide

ARMEDANGELS is totally honest. Our supply chains are 100% transparent. We support and implement fairness and safety in our factories.

If you want to know more about where and how your ARMEDANGELS fashion is made, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or get in touch with us via e-Mail.
We have nothing to hide.