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FINAL SALE. Up to 60% off on Women & Men

No slave wages, no chemical madness, no cheap mass production: In just 10 years, ARMEDANGELS has created a clear profile for itself and is one of the biggest organic & fair fashion labels in Europe today. Time to take stock.

So what have we accomplished in the last ten years? After all, with founding a fashion label, we chose the second dirtiest industry in the world (second only to the oil industry).

  • Roughly 80 million clothing items are purchased every year around the world
  • 25 million tons of cotton are produced – the majority of it for the fashion industry
  • 99% of cotton is produced conventionally
  • Only 1% of all cotton produced is from organic farming
  • The production of one kg of conventional cotton fibers requires more than 240 g of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • This amounts to more than 50 g of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers for one cotton t-shirt
  • Over 2.000 liters of water are used to cultivate 1 kg of conventional cotton fibers
  • That's more than 400 liters of water for one cotton t-shirt
  • Up to 40 million people worldwide work in the textile industry
  • The majority of them make less than $3 a day

ARMEDANGELS - What we've accomplished in Ten Years Eco & Fair Fashion

Fashion done differently: Eco & Fair

ARMEDANGELS is proof that fashion can be done right, bringing together sustainable materials, fair working conditions and great design. Over the last ten years, we…

  • produced more than 3.4 million pieces, all of them 100% eco & fair
  • processed more than 1.4 million kg of organic cotton fibers in our collections
  • never used pesticides, neurotoxins or other chemical absurdities for our organic cotton. Thus, we were able to spare the environment of roughly 2.700 kg of pesticides and about 350.000 kg of fertilizers – about 350 fully loaded mid-sized moving trucks
  • saved about 2.8 billion liters of water just by using organic cotton. That's about 1.117 Olympic swimming pools, or about 20 million bathtubs
  • contributed to improving the lives of cotton farmers sustainably by paying stable minimum rates. We got our Fair Trade certification in 2007
  • expanded our range from 1.000 to 872.000 pieces. We came from "just t-shirts" to four full collections every year. From zero to 900 points of sale worldwide. From just one production partner in Portugal to six, joined by another five in Turkey and one in China. From three employees to 70. Growing like that makes us happy – first and foremost because it means that the percentage of eco & fair clothing grows with us.

ARMEDANGELS - What we've accomplished in Ten Years Eco & Fair Fashion

So what's next? Even though we can look back on the last decade with pride, our goals for the future are set. And we're aiming high!

„It's our goal to become the fairest fashion label in the world.”

"Maybe we already are," says CEO and Founder Martin. "Still, a lot remains to be done. We are aware of that and the bigger we become the more challenges await us. We want to establish organic & fair as a standard in the fashion world and inspire as many people as possible to rethink the way they consume. So we still have a bit of work to do – but no one ever said changing the world was going to be easy."