The right fit for every type

True denim doesn’t need any extras. Our newest collection goes back to the roots. Organic cotton. Check. Allergen-free. Check. Non-toxic. Check. Our blues are even better, and every production step is completely free of harmful chemicals. A perfect pair for everyone.

wide leg fit
skinny fit mid waist / cropped
skinny fit high waist / seamline
skinny fit mid waist
skinny fit high waist
straight fit mid waist
mom fit high waist
boyfriend fit mid waist

Straight Fit Mid Waist - Galinaa Frayed

Three styles, three wide leg fits. Flared, O-shaped, relaxed. Mid waist, high waist. Comfy, cool and with lots of special features.

Skinny Fit Mid Waist – Tilly cropped

A timeless mid-rise. Contemporary and sporty, cropped north of the ankle. Discreet zippers. Slanted back pockets and narrow cuffs bring femininity into shape.
Tilly Cropped Tilly Cropped rinse
Tilly Cropped Tilly Cropped light stone wash

Skinny Fit High Waist – Inga Seamline

A classic hit. Sitting higher around the waist, with a bit cropped off the bottom. Roughness throughout. Cropped ends give way to a frayed cuff with distressed details on the thigh and knee.
Inga Seamline Inga Seamline stone wash
Inga Seamline Inga Seamline washed down black

Skinny Fit Mid Waist – Tilly

A fail-safe and flattering fit. Classic mid-rise with a contemporary feminine touch highlighted by slanted back pockets and narrow cuffs. Style casually or dress them up for a bolder look.
Tilly Tilly rinse black
Tilly Tilly washed down black
Tilly Tilly grey wash
Tilly Tilly stone wash

Skinny Fit High Waist – Inga

Skinny lines for a skinny feel. A super high waist makes these jeans ready to pair with any trend—from floral dresses to hoodies, from high tops to high heels.
Inga Inga rinse
Inga Inga light stone wash
Inga Inga grey wash
Inga Inga washed down black
Inga Frayed Inga Frayed used black

Straight Fit Mid Waist - Fjellaa

Timeless classic. Straight leg, mid waist. Relaxed but well fitting. Not too wide, yet not too skinny. Simply perfect!

Mom Fit High Waist – Maira

The mom jean lives on. Tapered legs and a high waist bring a casual 90’s feel - grainy, moody, authentic. Roll them up, throw on a pair of sneakers. Ready to go.
Maira Maira stone wash
Maira Maira light stone wash
Maira Maira washed down black

Boyfriend Fit Mid Waist – Caja

Oh boy! The Boyfriend Fit meets mid-rise. The urban feel, tapered leg, and casual fit: a style staple. Particularly with a rolled-up cuff. Stay cool.
Caja Caja stone wash

Made with organic cotton and GOTS-certified. Our entire denim collection is eco, fair and vegan.

Our jeans are all about the details, fulfilling the highest standards at each step. Every stitch is 100% cotton, with a bit of elastane added to the skinny jeans for fit. Our ambition goes beyond denim: all buttons are nickel-free and patches are made from vegan leather. We make fashion eco & fair. You make a statement.